Mermaid Cake Topper Cecilia’s Custom Sugar Art
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All creatures are hand sculpted from sugar paste or chocolate.

I consider almost anything to be possible so please ask.

Excellent for Film sets or practical jokes.


STORAGE - Sugar or Chocolate toppers & Flowers

You are paying for CUSTOM, BESPOKE, EDIBLE WORK, the materials, costs and skill involved in creating a novelty item from a perishable, fragile and difficult to work with substance.

You are not paying for the longevity of the item. It is made from a perishable, edible and fragile substance. It does not have the same properties as hard clay or porcelain. Sugar absorbs moisture from the atmosphere causing it to deteriorate, lose its shape, wilt or droop if not stored in the right conditions. Sugar will also melt or droop if exposed to direct heat e.g. from radiators or sunlight etc. Light of any type will cause certain food colours fade particularly pinks, browns, purples and reds. Thin pieces It also becomes brittle and break as well as droop.

Should you receive or collect the item prior to the event it is your responsibility to make sure it is kept in the right conditions. Not doing so will result in damage. It's longevity is your responsibility and depends entirely on your treatment of it. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the workmanship of the decorator. I am not responsible for damage to any items once they have left my possession.

If you wish to keep the item as a memento that is your personal choice. It is not made or guaranteed for that purpose however if kept in the right conditions it can last a lifetime. That rests entirely on your treatment and storage of it. Ensure that you keep them in a cool dark,dry and moisture free environment such as an airtight plastic container or a glass cabinet out of direct sunlight and heat or in a box in a cupboard with desiccant.

If your items become damaged and you want them remade you will need to pay full price for it to be done.

If you want a longer lasting item you should order an item made of Clay.